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Sneakaboo our latest photoshoot! I know we promised you we would give you a sneak peek of our new campaign, so here is a taste of what our new collection will look like.

For our photo shoot, we had the luck of working with one of our favorite photographers, Renato Osoy. Besides being super fun to work with, Renato has produced an amazingly versatile body of work, from high fashion to still life photography -- take a look for yourself here:


R U N N I N G !

is something that we have been doing a lot lately since our new collection is coming up soon REALLY soon! meanwhile here is a little something that inspire us to keep on running


hello everybody!!!

we have been busy working on some of the pieces that we are sending to Mexico and Paris in the next couple of days ... soooo exciting !!!
we would tell you more about it soon, but meanwhile we leave you with one of the songs that has kept us company and inspire us while working, check out the video is just B E A U T I F U L !


CFCF - It Was Never Meant To Be This Way (Piano Version) from RVNG Intl. on Vimeo.

the guys blogs that we L O V E

what we love about this blogs is not only to get the chance to see super cute Pelayo Diaz without his shirt, but that the variety of the posts can go from music to cloth to super cool house stuff or just random things that can be of inspiration not only for girls but also for boys .... so boys if you where looking for some blogs to follow there you go:

good music, kitties and "boy"

good music, kitties and well ... boys just a few things that we happen to like and
this video of Ra Ra Riot seems to have it all, so check it out :

esperanza goes to norway ♥

esperanza goes to norway with
we looove this article that our beautiful friend Viktorija wrote
check it out:

Esperanza at NYLON TV

Our friends from NYLON TV featured Esperanza in their BEAUTY MARK: WOODSTOCK note
check it out and feel free to comment we love-love-love it
Thank you guys !!! =article&parid =3409


OZZY meets Esperanza :)

Ran into Olivier Zahm of Purple Magazine a few weeks ago at the YSL "New Vintage" showing at Barney's. We got to chatting over a couple glasses of champagne, and before I knew it, he was wearing the Esperanza "Rockstar" piece: a match made in heaven!!

Hope to see him soon when I already have a headband called "After Party"... :)
Esperanza loves Ozzy and his blog: Purple Diary

the magical place where Esperanza is done ...

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala


hello lovelies!
i hope u can make it

photoshoot # 1

here it's a sneak peek of our first photoshoot...

about esperanza

The name for Indie designer Ana Karen accessories line Esperanza was inspired in part by her grandmother, Esperanza, whos buttons and laces Ana collected as a child, and in part by the meaning of the word Esperanza: hope.  Ana’s ambitions for the company stem from her desire to give back to the people of her native country, Guatemala.

Even thought the production first started out in New York , all production of Esperanza accessories is kept local in order to provide jobs to Guatemalan communities in which they also are been treated fairly for their time and work. Our product is hand made and produced in limited quantities with lots of